Downloading Your Digital Goodies!

Start by going to a website that sells Digital Scrapbooking Supplies.  Next, Find something you like and add it to your cart.  Go through their check out process and when they receive payment they will direct you to your download links.  

If you happen to be downloading from a website that offers ‘freebies’, most of the time you will be directed to a file sharing site like 4shared.  

1.  Click the 'download' LINK  on the blog or website..  It will take you to the file sharing website.

2.  Click the DOWNLOAD NOW button

 3.  Wait

4.  Click 'Download File Now'

5.  Option to Open or Save:  Clicking save will save your zipped file to the folder that you direct it to.  Opening let you extract you file now to the file that you direct it to.  (If you do not direct it it will be taken to a temporary file and hard for you to find later unless you move it right then).

{I always OPEN because I like to have it extract right then. (I figure I have to do it sometime so I better just do it now!)  I have a 'scrap downloads' file that I extract all my goodies to and keep there until I take the time to organize my new stuff into their permanent homes on my external hard drive.  (I will tell you how I have found to organize my kits, templates, layouts, etc to help me scrap efficiently... I may be a little OCD for you! haha)}

6.  When  your file is finished downloading a window will pop up.  Click EXTRACT ALL FILES and BROWSE to the folder you wish to have your new treat extracted to.  Then press EXTRACT.

7.  A new folder should pop up with your extracted goodies!  Now you just start scrapping with Photoshop Elements! :)

I hope this was helpful!  Please give me some feedback!

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