HOW TO: Use a Layered Template

Hopefully you have scowered my blog for my freebies and have picked up a healthy stash of layered templates!  But those are no good unless you know how to use them!  You will be amazed at how simple they are!

First you OPEN the template in your Photoshop Program.  This is my Free Template 108.

Sometimes I start with pictures and sometimes I start with papers depending on my mood.  I just grabbed a paper from my stash for this tutorial...

Understanding Layers is KEY for using templates efficiently.  When I am creating a layout with a template I usually start talking to myself.  I will say "I want this paper block to be..." and I click that block.  Which then selects that layer in my layers bin.  The importance of making sure the layer that you want to work with is selected because whatever you drag onto to your layout next is going to be place directly above that layer in the layers bin as shown below.   

You are probably thinking "well, that layer needs to be cropped to the size of that paper block!"  and I say, Yes! Yes it does! :)  BUT HERE IS THE TRICK!!! :)

Select your LAYER drop down menu and scroll down to CREATE CLIPPING MASK  {ctl G}


You can move that paper or picture around and fit it as you like!

When it comes to the elements on a template, they are usually just there as placement suggestions.  You caaaann layer mask something to it but it will have the look of a die cut.  So if that is the look you want to achieve, Great!  Go for it!  If not, just place an element from the kit you are using onto the page and delete the template one. ;)

Also remember that templates are created in layers to be flexible as well!  Feel free to turn pictures if yours doesn't fit just right! 

I hope this helps!  Thanks for visiting and for using my templates!  I really would love your feedback!  (Especially if it is nice!) lol.  

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  1. Thank You so much. I keep on doing the samething over and over that I learned at your first class to get it down before wanting to take the next one. I think sometimes I make it more complicated then needs be. This has helped a lot. One thing I love is your pages are great and you respond so quickly to questions I have. Your very much appreciated.



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